Choosing Appliances For Your Home

There are so many appliances to choose from, homeowners can find it difficult make a final selection.

Models change, colors change, and technology changes. As you develop your kitchen layout choose the appliances that fit your lifestyle and budget.

Since appliances are a significant portion of you budget it is important you select carefully.

Be sure to look at appliances in person. Appearance is important. Will the finish or color go well with your cabinets and countertops?


Homeowners pay a premium price for appliances in popular finishes. Every kitchen needs these essentials: a refrigerator, dishwasher, stove and oven. Your builder or designer will ask if you have a favorite brand and how you typically use your kitchen. Do you bake often? How many people do you typically cook for? How much space would you like for cold and frozen food storage? Are there any specialty appliances you want such as warming ovens, trash compactors, built in coffee makers or beverage coolers?


Do you entertain often? You may require a double oven, larger cooktop or larger refrigerator.

There are such a wide range of appliance decisions to be made it is helpful to work with an experienced designer. Redstarts experienced designers will assist you with these and other important selections whether you are remodeling or building a new home


There are other items to discuss with your designer or builder. 

  • The energy efficiency of your appliances
  • Do you want gas or electric appliances
  • Size and available space
  • Range hoods and ventilation How loud is it? interior or exterior motor?
  • Microwave and it's location - (countertop, under the counter, or built in)
  • Color - Many new colors and finishes are available 
  • Outdoor grills
  • Washer and dryer

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Creating A Wish List For Your Next Remodeling or Room Addition Project


Many homeowners have a difficult time when contemplating a new building project. Creating a wish list is the easiest way to organize your ideas. 

A good way to begin is by collecting photos of elements would you like to incorporate in your project or new home.

Another good way to begin the process is to make lists. Take a walk through your house. Note what you like and what you don't like.

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Think about your lifestyle. How do you live your life. How do you want your interior surroundings.

Do you want your home formal, casual, relaxed or a mixture of both.


Find a builder you can trust with a great reputation and a creative design team. They will help refine your ideas and floor plan. Hopefully your choice will be Redstart. We will provide you with a fantastic floor plan, elevations and a colored, detailed 3 dimensional view of the finished product. Explore our website and see what other satisfied clients have to say about our service and work. 

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