The Ultimate Guide to Building a Beverage Bar

Christian Tucker & Chelsey Korbar


One of the most requested additions to any remodel is a beverage bar. Beverage bars provide a sole destination for bar utensils, drinks, and morning coffee. Some home bars have built-in sinks, but most just provide a countertop, cabinets for storage, and a beverage fridge for cold beverages. This guide will walk you through potential options for your residential refreshment destination.

The first step in installing a beverage bar is to determine its purpose. Some people use their bar for storing cold refreshments, some use it as a coffee station, and some use it as a wine cabinet. Wine bars will need a temperature controlled wine fridge while sodas and beer should be kept in a beverage fridge. Whatever the purpose, a home bar will free up space in your main refrigerator for food for the family. Based on the bar’s purpose, you can begin planning its furnishings.

Redstart designers Emily Niebauer and Stephanie Montanari recommend beverage bars for their clients because:

Beverage bars let your family and friends help themselves in a central location which in turn creates a very inviting and welcoming ambiance while entertaining. Beverage bars allow guests to have that inviting and at home feeling when entertaining. No need for guests to interrupt the flow of a fun conversation and ask where glasses are. As well, no need for guests to go into the family’s main refrigerator where leftovers and other everyday items can be seen. A beverage bar is always a convenient, beautiful and functional addition!

Next, decide what you want to store in the bar area. If you need storage for wine glasses, mugs, or cups, make sure you have enough cabinet space above or below to meet those needs. Stem glass holders are a great alternative for wine or champagne glasses and will free up space in cabinets. Leave room for cocktail mixers, coffee makers, non-refrigerated bottles, or anything else you desire for your bar.

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After that, decide whether you would like access to a sink. While a sink installation may seem simple, it actually requires edits to the plumbing of the house, which can increase the cost of construction. If you desire a sink, make sure the style matches that of the house. Nothing looks worse than a bar that seems out of place in your own home. Try to buy a sink and faucet that match the brand of your kitchen sink in order to keep a consistent design.

Finally, make sure the design style of your bar coincides with the rest of your home’s new found style to ensure consistency throughout the house.

Beverage bars are one of Redstart’s most common requests. They add a practical area that is great for hosting and is unique to your home design. They will add a social aspect to your home that guests will love!

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